Under this heading we have grouped our work on Talk Shows, TV Magazine Shows, TV News Programs, in Advertising Campaigns and Theater.

We are perfectly prepared to accept any type of Entertainment Project, no matter how big or how technically complex.

We don’t have lots of our own photographic material to show off what we’ve done on Gala Events, Talk Shows, TV Magazine Shows, Reality Shows and Game Shows but over these last twenty years almost all of the professionals who work at or with this company have occupied a majority of the most important jobs in this field, from “Juego de la Oca” (“The Game of the Goose,” a televised board game) to all of the Big Brother productions.

The development of a job is carried out in the same fashion as is explained under the heading WHO ARE WE. The structure of our company is set up to carry out projects Quickly and Efficiently; we are in constant contact with the production’s Head of Artistic Design. First we give any necessary TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE in order to coordinate the different trade task involved, by drawing up plans for transportable structures, grandstands and seating, mezzanines and details, for which we have a Chief Technical Engineer for Projects.  Parallel to that, the carpentry and steel work, which because of their nature don’t require interpretation, are carried out, and at the same time the process of MANUFACTURING OF SAMPLES is begun, where any doubts about materials or how they’re decorated or finished are dispelled.