Production Designer: Mercedes Canales

“Allí abajo” is a comedy television series produced by Plane to Plane to Antena 3.
Although the theme of the series is compared to the successful Spanish film “Eight Basque Surnames”, the original idea of ​​the series predates the film, and has more points in common with the French “Welcome to the North”. The series revolves around the life of Iñaki, a forty-year-old Basque who has never left the Basque Country, and who lives with his mother, Maritxu, the classic Basque matriarch, absorbing and dominant, who sees Iñaki as an eternal child , Unable to function on his own in life. Iñaki’s only affective exchange is with his lifelong friends. In the bar that Iñaki runs, inherited from his late father, works Nekane, a waitress who is madly in love with him, but who has never told her. And while Iñaki’s life passes placidly, one day he is forced to accompany his mother to Seville, on a trip of the Imserso, for which he is not prepared. From that moment on, nothing will ever be the same once you’re trapped … down there.

The decorations of this series have been made between the walls of the Sevillano Monsalves Palace, taking advantage of its corridors, cloisters, stairs have been made, a cafeteria with its kitchen, several hospital corridors, three hospital rooms, two fictitious mechanized elevator, Interior of the Basque tavern, the hospital reception, …, in total about 700 square meters of decorations. In the port of Donosti the facades of the Basque tavern were made.



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