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Production Designer: Carlos de Dorremochea

On the outskirts of Madrid is the Montalbán Polyclinic Hospital. There a strange disappearance takes place and the murder of several women, among them, the chief of nurses. A post that with the tragic death is vacant and will be occupied by Lidia Abad (Luisa Martín), who finally is done with a position that was considered more than qualified, At least, much more than the recently murdered. This makes her one of the first suspects. Lidia is a woman of strong character and strict compliant of schedules and norms. It is not impassable, it has a weakness: his son Rafael. Single mother raised her child alone and has had many difficulties to get by. Nobody has given him anything and, likewise, he will not let anyone take what he has, however little.

With this strict woman will have to deal with Victor (Yon González), who will return to infiltrate the environment of the murders, and will return to make his indiscipline one of his best weapons of work, as this will lead him to maintain a tense relationship with Lydia . Victor will arrive at the Policlínico Montalbán without too much evidence to solve the crimes that are happening there. Just a recording of a security camera in which the kidnapping of one of the women is recorded. What Víctor, Casas and Vidal (Vicente Romero) do know is that the culprit is one of the hospital workers so the best way to find him is to infiltrate.

Infiltrated, Víctor finds that one of the first disappearances is that of a young French resident. This will lead to the dispatch of a police station and a French police officer (Mar Sodupe and Hugo Becker) who will infiltrate with Victor in a complicated collaboration between both police forces: the frictions will be frequent due to the different procedures and form of See things in research.

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