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Production Designer: Koldo Vallés

The case. Chronicle of events is a television series produced by the production company Plano a Plano for Televisión Española.

The series narrates different events that appeared or could have appeared in the famous weekly El Caso.

The original idea is by Fernando Guillén Cuervo, who also stars in the cast with Verónica Sánchez, Antonio Garrido, Fernando Cayo, Natalia Verbeke, Daniel Pérez Prada and Teresa Hurtado de Ory, among others. The first season was aired on La 1 from Tuesday, March 15, 2016 until Tuesday, June 7, 2016. After an interview with Fernando Guillén published by Bluper on May 3, 2016,1 it was believed that there would be a second season, since the frames were open. However, on June 23, 2016 RTVE announced the cancellation of the series.2

The cancellation caused the malaise in the social networks of the followers of the series, 3 to which is known as “casistas”.


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