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Production Designer: Carlos de Dorremochea


Gran Reserva. El Origen was a television series produced by Bambú Producciones for TVE 1. It premiered on 13 May 2013. It was about the origins of the series Gran Reserva.

Three great wine-growing families who live in La Siesta must fight to be the best at their craft in that place.

  • The Cortázar Family, made up of Don Alejandro Cortázar, owner of Cortázar Vineyards, and his four children, Vicente, Rafael, Elena and Gabriel. Also forming part of the family is Rosalía Ortíz, Vicente’s wife.
  • The Reverte Family is made up of Ricardo Reverte, owner of Bodegas Reverte, his wife Renata Ramos and their two sons, Jesús y Adolfo. Also part of the Reverte family is the family of Sofía Ruiz who after coming to La Siesta will become Adolfo’s fiancée.
  • The Miranda Family, made up of Santiago Miranda, owner of Miranda Vineyards, his wife Elvira Prieto and Santiago’s son Luis.

To properly render the décor this series called for, we had to adapt the already existing décor on the first set, giving it an aged look. This was achieved in a remarkable way in the Cortázar vineyard outbuilding, where we had to reconstruct the huge wine vats in old wood, with their antique-style patinas, and besides that, all the décor had to be adapted to the filming requirements of a day-time series, necessitating the elimination of all confining elements and turning each space into a kind of open theater.

The characters’ homes were built on another set, like little open theater stages to make filming easy — a total of four homes, a bakery and a wine-bar cum humble hotel.

The streets of the town in Rioja where the story unfolds were built outside of this set.


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