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Instinto is an original Spanish television series by Movistar +. It is created by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Ramón Campos and Gema r. Neira and produced by Bambú Producciones.

Marco ( Mario Casas ) is a young entrepreneur who leads one of the most successful technology companies in the panorama international, ALVA, which now presents its latest prototype on the market: CICLÓN, an electric car powered by turbines that turn wind into energy. Next to him work his friend and fellow student, Diego ( Jon Arias ), and also his wife, Barbara ( Bruna Cusí ), the efficient marketing director. The team joins Eva ( Silvia Alonso ), a young and ambitious engineer with a lot to hide, that will break the work and emotional balance between both partners.

Despite his popularity, and unlike Diego, Marco is not a man who stands out for his social life. He is a loner that nobody can access from an intimate place, beyond his psychologist, Sara ( Miryam Gallego < / a>), of which he is emotionally dependent. Marco’s ghosts are infinite and, although he tries to fight against them, his real escape is sport and a private club. In it, each individual is concerned only with receiving pleasure and giving free rein to their most erotic dreams, without fear of falling in love, since there everyone has their faces hidden.

Everything changes when Marco meets Carol ( Ingrid García-Jonsson ), the new psycho-pedagogue of his brother José ( Óscar Casas ), a young man from 18 years with autism, with which he maintains a complex relationship. And with Carol he will start a path where he will discover who is his worst enemy: himself. At his side he will learn that it is never too late to love, even if it means suffering.


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