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Art Directors: Javier de la Morena, Verónica Diaz

The film focuses its argument on the assault of a cargo of gold. It will be a modern and up-to-date approach to the old myths of Western cinema, sparing no action, violence and great tension.

Alongside Castellari, the international cast also includes Tania Watson, Pablo Scola, Veki Velilla, Denis Rafter, Maarten Dannenberg, Armando Buika, Victor Vidal Tábata Cerezo or Andrea Bronston, daughter of producer Samuel Bronston.

And also special participations in outstanding papers like Manuel Bandera, Nadia de Santiago, Ramón Langa or Guillermo Montesinos.

“Stop Over in Hell, Stop in Hell” is a film produced by Andrés Acevedo for producers “La Bulla que la la esquina” and “Parada en el Infierno A.I.E.”.

In addition to Almeria, Matellano’s film will also be shot in Manzanares el Real, Titulcia, Granada and, especially, in a set built in Colmenar Viejo, where western mythical films such as “El bueno, uro y el malo” Django “.

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