• Torre de la Reina

  • Salón del trono

  • Palacete de Fatima

  • Despacho de Rodrigo

  • Casa urbana de Rodrigo

  • Casa urbana de Rodrigo

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Production Designer: David Temprano

Toledo, crossroad was a television series produced by Boomerang TV for the Spanish chain Antena 3. The first chapter was released on January 10, 2012, at 10:30 p.m. It is a series of adventures, romance and palace intrigues in the era of King Alfonso X the Wise. Toledo takes the viewer to a medieval city of the late thirteenth century in which the Iberian Peninsula is a gigantic battlefield between Christians and Muslims.

It was a shame to be suspended in the first season. The sets had an excellent bill and were very carefully finished by David Temprano, Production Designer of the series.

They were constructed in the set of Los Angeles Studios of Fuenlabrada, with an implantation of approximately 1,700 square meters, where eight complexes were distributed and a polyvalent space for episodic; Hall of the Throne and Cloister, House of Rodrigo, Palace of Fatima, School of Translators, Rodrigo’s Office, Miranda’s Office, Throne Hall, Queen’s Stays and Patios.

For the construction of this decoration, capitals of Mudejar capitals, lintels and capialados of carved plaster, vases and other modeled applications were reproduced in an exclusive way.

The carpentry was solved with old wood of demolition. The noble doors imitated the Mudejar marquetries and inlays.

The soils were solved with mortar carved in formation of tiles and stone, with different forms and finishes, as well as tiles tiles, handmade.

All the fittings of the series were manufactured exclusively

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