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Betrayal (called Indicios, Family Law or Family Code) is a series produced by Bambú Producciones for the Spanish network La 1. It is starred by Ana Belén, Pedro Alonso, Nathalie Poza, Manuela Velasco, Antonio Velázquez and Natalia Rodríguez, among others Its premiere was scheduled for the fall of 2017, finally being released on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. 1 The first season of the series consists of 9 episodes.

The story begins when Julio (Helio Pedregal) gathers his whole family to tell them that he has a terminal illness and wants to make some changes in the family business. After these changes, an important secret will see the light, those affected will be his wife Pilar (Ana Belén) and their 4 children: Isabel (Manuela Velasco), housewife; Claudia (Natalia Rodríguez), the younger sister; Almudena (Nathalie Poza), lawyer; and Roberto (Pedro Alonso), also a lawyer.


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