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Production Designer: Luis Valles “Koldo”

Victor Ros is a television series produced by Secuoya for Televisión Española.

The second season, entitled ‘Theft of Spanish gold’, consists of eight episodes. The story starts in Madrid, in 1898, almost five years after the end of the first season. Life smiles at Víctor Ros. He is married to Clara Alvear and lives happily with his wife and his godson, Juanito. In addition, he has become the most famous and respected policeman of his time. But a plot will change his life forever: the robbery of Marabini jewelry is a distraction maneuver that hides an even greater theft: that of the reserves of the Bank of Spain’s gold. Victor will have to face the loss of his wife (killed in the shooting during the jewelry robbery) and try to recover gold from Spain at a very delicate time for the country, which is on the verge of war against the United States . The gold track will take Ros to Linares (Jaén). There he will have to face other types of dangers, such as the bandits of Sierra Morena.

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