Under this title we have grouped all those jobs we have carried out at Amusement Parks and other Theme Park venues.

In this field we provide service with an advantage over other companies in the sector due to our more ample know-how vis-à-vis procedures and materials, given our experience on Cinematographic Productions. Our finishing criteria are much more demanding than what is typical in this sector.

The combination of traditional techniques and our ability in the use and modeling of mortar have resulted in some truly exceptional work, with general daily output of up to 100 m2 per workgroup, with high difficulty index (brick or masonry work), which means mixing and spreading the mortar mechanically, molding and modeling it by hand and grading its density and, thus, the depth of the textured roughness, in situ. The different granule qualities of existing mortars allow us to reproduce any texture, from stuccos to bush hammered granites and masonry, and to make bricks with whatever texture, look and graduated depth is desired, even at the last minute. Pavements undergo a similar process, and that is actually the material that best takes paint and patinas of aging.

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The professionals who make up this company have occupied positions of responsibility in many projects of this type:

AQUARIUMS (building underwater seascapes, rocks and other elements):

  • The Aquarium of Barcelona
  • The House of Fish in A Coruña,
  • The Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian (Santander)


  • Isla Mágica (The Magic Island)
  • Terra Mítica (The Mythical Land)
  • Port Aventura (Adventure Park)

Following is a look at some of the jobs we have carried out recently in this field.